Passive sampler for particulate matter

Air Quality Monitoring - diffusive & passive sampling


IVL offers analysis of gas concentrations in ambient and indoor air using diffusive samplers. We can also offer investigations to solve specific questions as well as writing reports.

How does it work?

The sampling technique is based on molecular diffusion of gases. The gas molecules diffuse into the sampler where they are quantitatively collected, which gives a concentration value integrated over time.
Turbulent diffusion inside the sampler is avoided by using a membrane at the inlet. Correct air concentrations are obtained if theoretical sampling rates are used.
Areas of usefulness
  • Mapping concentration patterns in cities
  • Air quality measurements at remote sites
  • Personal monitoring
  • Corrosion studies
  • Study of long-term trends with no gaps in data
  • Model validations
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Selection of sites for real-time monitors
  • Epidemiological studies

Air Quality Monitoring
- diffusive & passive sampling

Two kits of samplers are available, one for indoor air and one for corrosion studies. We also supply for separate orders of individual samples.
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