Passive sampler for particulate matter

Our samplers

Our diffusive samplers

  •  small, silent and light weight
  •  does not need electricity
  •  flexible with the exposure site location
  •  samplers can be stored at room temperature.
  •  no skilled personnel needed at the  sampling site
  •  samplers are conveniently sent to IVL by regular mail 

Our passive particle sampler
Particular matter cannot be collected quantitatively using diffusive sampling. With a passive collector particles with a high deposition rate can be sampled and analyzed.
This sampler has extensively been used in connection with corrosion studies as well as screening studies.

Updated: 2016-11-17

Air Quality Monitoring
- diffusive & passive sampling

Two kits of samplers are available, one for indoor air and one for corrosion studies. We also supply for separate orders of individual samples.
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