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News | 2019-12-05
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Flexi-Sync project has now started!

In August 2019 the project officially started.

The Flexi-Sync will run from 2019 to 2022 and the project objective is to identify how flexibility in district energy can be optimized and, thereby, contribute to the management of the existing mismatch between weather dependent, electricity production and variable demand.

Flexi-Sync is an ERA-Net SES External link, opens in new window. financed project focusing on flexible energy system integration using concept development, demonstration and replication. The project gathers 15 partners from four EU Member States (Austria, Germany, Spain and Sweden) and six demo sites in the countries will participate. The partners in Flexi-Sync will all bring their areas of expertise to the project. The combination of experts on district energy flexibility, need owners, such as district energy companies, and their customers is a unique approach in the context of district energy flexibility research.

Welcome to follow the project!