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News | 2020-03-31
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Webinar #2 now open for registration!

The Austrian and Swedish demo sites will be in focus at the webinar on May 26.

There are three Swedish and one Austrian demo sites in the Flexi-Sync project and these are different in size but they are still fairly traditional heat grids with large possible thermal inertia on the demand side that could be used as a flexible resource. Also, they all have a potential for flexible interaction on electricity markets through existing or planned combined heat and power (CHP) and heat pumps. This webinar will present the flexibility concept at these four sites. It will also discuss the energy system value creation from the co-optimization of flexible assets at both supply and demand side in the district energy networks.

The webinar will be hosted by Utilifeed, an energy service company responsible for the implementation of co-optimized demand and supply flexibility at the demo sites and the flexibility platform development in the Flexi-Sync project.