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News | 2021-05-18
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Latest Flexi-Sync publications hot off the press

Three new publications from the project are now available to read at the project website.

The recently published project deliverables are covering how flexibilities on the design and planning level can relate to operational flexibility (D1.2) Pdf, 495 kB, opens in new window., a synthetization of representative weather data sets for future climatic conditions (D3.1) Pdf, 1.2 MB, opens in new window. and maintenance effects of flexibility installed in demo sites (D5.2) Pdf, 325.6 kB, opens in new window..

The reports have been prepared by the two university partners of the project (LTU and Chalmers) and on of the research institutes involved (RISE).

Spring has been a busy month in the project, so we are also expecting to publish more interesting reports quite soon on the project website. Keep yourself updated on new publications via the Flexi-Sync newsletter and check out the website occasionally.