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News | 2021-05-19
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Welcome to the Celsius Talk on Energy System Flexibility

On May 25 at 10 CET, representatives from RISE and Kommunfastighet will participate in the Celsius Talk and provide a building resident and housing company perspective on energy system flexibility.

Responding to the ever-increasing energy demand while reducing carbon emissions and their climate impact will require energy systems to be ever more integrated, flexible, and innovative. The use of renewable energy sources is key, though given their variable nature they generate difficulties in balancing the production and demand.

Hence, combining multiple energy carriers can provide the system with the needed flexibility - the heat and electricity sectors can complement each other and facilitate a more efficient use of renewables and waste heat. This sector integration has a huge potential yet a long way to go.

Thus, in collaboration with the Flexi-Sync and MAGNITUDE projects, this month’s Celsius webinar will shine some light on how to improve flexible system integration for thermal energy networks. Read more about the webinar and sign up here. External link, opens in new window.