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Circular economy

The whole society is facing major challenges regarding material and resource utilization. IVL helps you with the possibilities in circular economy.

In the circular economy, materials, products and other resources are used for as long and as efficiently as possible, which means that the need for new resources into society is reduced. It requires products and materials that are designed to be updated, repaired and used repeatedly, and recycled.

The overall goal of the circular economy is to keep human resource use and environmental impact within the planet's boundaries.

We help you with:

  • Analyzes of flows of materials and resources linked to various technical systems
  • Mapping and quantifying circularity and resource efficiency
  • Development of strategies for circularity
  • To develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for follow-up
  • Development of strategies, action plans and process support to reorganize the business for circular economy
  • Opportunity for partnerships around research and development initiatives with others in the industry
  • Development of circular business models
  • Innovation, development, testing and implementation of solutions for increased circularity.

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