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Socially sustainable adjustment

According to Agenda 2030, a fair distribution of resources and influence is the basis for a sustainable society. Working for socially sustainable development is necessary to be able to achieve nationally and internationally set sustainability goals. The importance of social sustainability is increasingly emphasized in Swedish politics, in the governance of municipalities and regions and in business.

Looking at Agenda 2030, the two global goals 5 - Gender equality and 10 - Reducing inequality are linked to several other global goals. Thus, they are important to integrate in a larger perspective for more effective coordination and work with different sustainability goals.

In order to achieve the global goals, all actors need to avoid contributing to goal conflicts between, for example, climate-related goals and equality goals. At the same time, it is also important to recognize and take advantage of the synergies that may exist between the goals. Finding synergies, ie collaboration between areas that together increase the effect of the result - can make us solve climate and environmental problems at the same time as we contribute to increased equality and reduced inequality.

IVL can offer various types of analyzes, evaluations and process support to help municipalities, regions, authorities, companies and civil society actors to strengthen the work with social sustainability integrated with environmental and climate initiatives both at the strategic level and in the operational activities. Some examples of areas where we work with socially sustainable change are sustainable and fair mobility in cities and rural areas, socially sustainable urban development, integration of social sustainability in municipalities' work with fossil-free transport, citizen influence in community planning, socially and ecologically sustainable housing and social sustainability in the energy sector .

We help you with:

  • Investigation and analysis of how social and ecological sustainability can be promoted in a business or linked to various environmental and climate initiatives.
  • Agenda 2030 analysis of goal conflicts and synergies between the global goals in a business or venture.
  • Process support for integrating Agenda 2030 into a business.
  • Equality and gender equality assurance of environmental and climate initiatives.
  • Process support and collaboration methods for the development of plans, policies and strategies for socially and environmentally sustainable urban development, regional development and rural development.
  • Social impact assessments of environmental and climate initiatives.
  • Materiality analyzes to identify your most important sustainability issues and how they interact with other sustainability goals, legislation and instruments.

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