IVL in northern Sweden

We work together with the private and public sector for the green industrialization and climate transition taking place in Northern Sweden.

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We support the sustainable transition with new solutions

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in northern Sweden leads projects together with municipalities, regions and companies in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. We provide expertise in areas from energy transition to social transformation. You are welcome to contact us at the bottom of the page for a collaboration.

Focus areas in Northern Sweden

Energy transition and circular flows

  • Electromobility (hydrogen, battery)
  • Material and raw material supply
  • Recycling throughout the value chain

Climate transition

  • Development of climate calculation tools
  • Life cycle assessments for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Awareness-raising activities for small and medium-sized businesses, municipalities and regions.

Industrial transition

  • Permit processes
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Waste management
  • Water and air analysis
  • Chemical analyses

Social transformation

  • Community planning
  • CCBuild
  • Infrastructure and mobility
  • Mistra Carbon Exit

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute - from science to reality

Energy conversion

Närbild på en vindkraftssnurra med en skog på vintern i bakgrunden.

Challenges with wind power in cold climates

Large amounts of electricity are needed as Sweden transitions to a green industry. But the development of wind power has stalled instead of increasing. In the report "Wind power in a cold climate", IVL has researched the need for land and resources for a large-scale expansion of wind power in northern Sweden, as well as possible bottlenecks.

Infrastructure and mobility

A hydrogen fuel cell buses stands at the station

Green fuel as future fuel for Luleå's public transport

A new research project will evaluate hydrogen fuel cell buses in Luleå city. In a colder climate, hydrogen buses are of particular interest as they don't require additional heating in the winter unlike battery-powered buses. The focus of the project is on climate benefits, costs and possible opportunities for introducing the technology to market.

Community planning

Skellefteå i solnedgång

Circular construction is established in Skellefteå

Using reused building materials can signifcantly reduce both fossil fuel emissions and waste. In a project led by Skellefteå Municipality, IVL and CCBuild are establishing a circular construction networks. The members are actors in the construction and real estate industry, with the aim of making reuse a natural part of construction.

IVL in northern Sweden

Aurora Pelli

Aurora Pelli

Business Development Manager

Porträtt på Karin Ågren

Karin Ågren

Project Manager

Jan Ots

Jan Ots

Business Developer

Bild på Sara Wård Edvall

Sara Wård Edvall

Project Manager

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